Facebook is Broken, Malfunctioning, or Hosed

The Application Landscape Changes Again
Bitey Gushi

So there's an interesting trend that's now shown up on facebook. Meme pages. Facebook "pages" normally reserved for things like businesses businesses or celebrities, were originally designed for people who want broader, more shareable exposure.

What this has now turned into, is a way whereby people can cause the same image to be spammed onto my page, over and over again, because 20 of my friends comment on it over a 5 day period.

This is getting seriously on my nerves, and facebook really needs to give people a way to block shared photos from pages, just as we can (usually) block apps. I.e. if someone is sharing photos from the "funny shit" page, I want to be able to say "block all shares from funny shit" or better still "block all shares of things I haven't directly friended/liked".

Bitey Gushi

Synopsis: Spambots

Description:It seems some kind of virus has taken over a few friends of mine's facebook accounts. It's spamming me with an on-facebook link about "they giving away free iphones4!!"...

Iphone Spam

It's annoying and it only encourages more people to be infected.

How facebook could do it better: Well, for starters, the page being linked to still exists. Perhaps it could be taken down?

Facebook could lock the accounts in question, and send users "password reset" emails (assuming the email address hadn't been modified recently).

Perhaps facebook could monitor their chat/jabber traffic for this string?

Perhaps facebook could have a "report spam" interface in their chat tool. Maybe an easy way to do a server-side block of this person without outright de-friending them?

Anything would be better than what we have.

Little Ad Issue, more with Threadless than Facebook
Bitey Gushi

Synopsis: A somewhat misleading ad.


I occasionally see this ad on facebook:

ThreadLess ad with Velma and Scooby.

The shirt in question is an awesome take on some generation-X pop culture appeal, and I love it. I highly recommend clicking some of the links in this article to see the higher-res versions.

The problem is, clicking it takes me to a landing page, not to the shirt I'm seeing an image of. Searching for obvious terms on Threadless, like "Velma" or "Scooby", lead nowhere. If you search on google for "Velma Threadless", you can then get to the threadless submission forums (link), and get the ACTUAL name of the shirt design, which is "We've Got Some Work To Do Now" (Of course! It's so obvious! Why didn't I think of that?!).

Note that there's no link between the Threadless Submissions and the actual for-sale site, so you must then search threadless for that phrase or some subset of it which will finally lead you to the shirt. But alas, as you can see in this link, it's sold out in most sizes, and has limited quantities remaining of all but one the remaining sizes.


How facebook could do it better: In this case, it's the advertiser in question. Facebook could be more relevant with its ads, and make it easier to work with the advertiser, so if I want to buy the thing actually advertised in the picture, I can. If I see the ad again, I'll dismiss it as "misleading", but that's not quite the problem. C'mon, getting people to click is usually the hard part. Great shirt, great company, great price! Why are you making it so hard to buy!? Threadless is totally dropping the ball on this one.

Editing your profile auto-creates pages that can't be tied to a "real" page.
Bitey Gushi

Synopsis: Editing your profile auto-creates pages that can't be tied to a "real" page.

Description: I work for a company called Internet Systems Consortium.

I list it as my employer in my profile. Facebook made some changes a while back and now, every list item that you add to your profile gets made into its own page.

In the case of my emplyer, Facebook creates this page with a generic "Briefcase" logo, and the following subject header:

Our goal is to make this Community Page the best collection of shared knowledge on this topic. If you have a passion for Internet Systems Consortium, sign up and we'll let you know when we're ready for your help. You can also get us started by suggesting a relevant Wikipedia article or the Official Site.

Internet Systems Consortium has an official facebook page. I know, I created it months ago. Instead, Facebook searches other people's posts for mentions of this, and even includes posts made on ISC's wall, but can't link to us directly.

How Facebook could do it better: On either the auto-generated page, or our page, include an option to suggest the official as the one when people set it as an Employer. They'll take a website or a wikipedia article, but not one of their own pages? Further, searching help provides no easy way to reach a human to correct this. The best "help" I was able to find was this answer:

How do I contact Facebook?
First, select the subject of your question from the list of topics. Then, select the appropriate contact form or answer to your question within that topic.

Which is mostly pointless.

Additional Information: Note that this information is not limited to the "employer" field. Adding things like music preferences, interests, or hobbies yields the same problem. For example, adding that I like the music group "Westwood and Willow" generates one of the auto-search pages, because I didn't "guess" the band name is actually "Westwood & Willow" (note the ampersand). I understand this is part of facebook's effort to display relevant ads, so every interest, hobby, and job now yields a page with targeted ads, but this seems a bit too obtuse.

Disclaimers: Please note that this information is for reference only, and any opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

Greetings! First Post!
Bitey Gushi

Greetings new community. In this post I hope to detail a broken behavior of Facebook, and detail what I'd like to see in future posts (and how I'd like to try to lay future posts out).

Synopsis: Facebook suggests friends who cannot actually be requested.

Details: So, in several social circles I move in, Vint Cerf is well known. (I work within the internet standards community, I work for an open source software developer, and we contribute software to many of the free unixes, as well as participating in IETF). Suffice it to say, while I do not know Vint personally, many of my coworkers do, and it's logical to trust facebook as an introducer, as well as logical to assume we may meet at future events, logical to assume I am interested in his wall posts, etc. However, it's also logical to assume Vint's a busy guy, and may not make confirming friends requests a top priority.

So, not once, but at least three times now, Vint has shown up on the "people you may know" page. Each time I click "add as friend", facebook pops up the following dialog:

Once I dismiss the dialog box, Vint's name disappears off the list.

How facebook could do it better: Don't show it as a suggestion if there's no possible way to suggest friendship. Note that the dialog to "send a note" doesn't pop up either, there's literally nothing that can be done with the entry on the screen, except dismiss it.


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